Storage Auctions reveal hidden treasures


Storage unit auctions are a hot trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Elle has been privileged to host several episodes of Storage Wars Canada at select locations, but you may not know that we also hold public auctions on a regular basis.


On Wednesday May 10, Planet Storage hosted a Customer Appreciation Event and Storage Auction

When rent is not paid for a storage locker, and the facility is not successful in getting the account up to date, or in contacting the renter, the units are opened for bids by a professional auctioneer.  Mostly professional, and sometimes just independent treasure hunters, will purchase the contents, hoping for an amazing find for just a few dollars, and if you’re lucky, you just may stumble upon something valuable or amazing.



This Is Your Zoom Zoom


Zoom Zoom Storage has a new jingle!

Written by Elle Management’s owner, Janet Whittle, and performed by Elle’s very own Angelica Di Castro. Angelica is a Canadian singer who has worked on jingles for numerous different companies and corporations here, and abroad. She’s appeared on PBS, Las Vegas, The ACC and venues all over Europe in sold out shows.

Zoom Zoom’s new, upbeat and memorable melody defines what we have to offer, with a catchy tune that is sure to stick in the minds of our clients and customers.

Come into any of Zoom Zoom’s locations in Markham, Thornhill and Brampton and Enter to win a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card during the month of March