Weird Canadian Facts As We Turn 150

canada day

We LOVE being Canadian!  But no matter if you’ve been here for 30 days or 30 years, there’s always something new to learn about our great country.

Here’s a few facts that will blow your mind about Canada to impress your friends as we celebrate our big 150 this weekend.

  1. Everyone else thinks the fact thatmilk.jpg our milk comes in bags is totally weird. Despite being environmentally efficient, cost effective and super easy, everyone else seems baffled as to how we make it work. Bags are also used in eastern Europe, South America and parts of Africa, but are most commonly attributed to Canadian culture.

2. Maple syrup is BIG business. Just SOOOOO big it’s hard to even imagine that much maple syrup. 73 MILLION kg of maple syrup were produced last year and represent over 70% of the maple syrup production worldwide. And it’s super valuable too! In April of this year, 3 men were convicted for their roles in an $18,000,000 maple syrup heist. And the Maple Syrup Reserve sounds like a joke, but it totally exists. Quebec houses the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, so don’t worry. If things start to get all Mad Max, we’re covered.



3. We weigh less than other people because we have less gravity! Ok, so that one is a bit of a stretch but it’s true in the area around Hudson’s Bay. Although minor, the difference in gravity means that a person who weighs 150lbs anywhere else in the world will weight a tenth of an ounce less here (that’s 2.83 grams for all the Canucks who use metric the way the universe intended)


4. We have a MILLION DOLLAR coin!  In 2007 Canada issued the world’s first $1,000,000,000 coin made of 99.9999% pure gold and weighs over 100kg (that’s about 220lbs for anyone who isn’t on the metric train yet) . Take THAT Dubai and your gold plated Ferraris!

giant coin

5. Love is love in Canada! While the rest of the world is STILL debating over the issue of Same-Sex-Marriage and LGBTQ rights, it has been legal in Canada to marry whoever you darn well please since 2003. Of course we still have ways we can improve, but it’s not “Gay Marriage” here and hasn’t been for almost a generation now. We just call it marriage.

Pride Toronto Dyke March  20130629


6. We have an awesome word that means a ton of different stuff. Eh? It’s really just a totally useful and convenient word that can mean so many things. Used at the end of a sentence it commonly refers to either a question, a statement to which you expect agreement, or a confirmation. It can also mean “excuse me?” or “can you repeat that” or to invite further discussion on a topic. It’s like Aloha on steroids.

7. Our Prime Minister needs to be prepared to meet aliens.  When we say Canada welcomes everyone, we aren’t kidding.  There’s a permanent UFO landing site in St. Paul, Alberta.  Take us to your leader. We hear he’s really, really ridiculously good looking.


8. The Polar Bear Swim, aka the craziest thing you could possibly do in Canada besides try to wrestle a bear with your bare hands (we’re looking at you Lydia Angyiou) or those nutbars who jump out of helicopters onto mountains with skis strapped to them. The annual Polar Bear Swim is held at about 2:30pm on New Years’ Day which is the day of the year in Canada when Hell may actually hath frozen over.  Excited and slightly demented Canadians and tourists jump full on into freezing waters, often having to chip ice off the surface first before taking the frigid plunge. BRRRRRRRR.


9. We claim the coolest of all the X-men. That’s right! Wolverine is as Canadian as they come. He’s from Alberta.


What weird and wonderful fact do you know about Canada?


Wishing you a safe and happy Canada Day!



Are you Edmonton-bound this summer?

storage king edmonton

If you’re making the bold move out West, Edmonton is an amazing, affordable and bustling place to lay down roots! But what do you do with all that extra stuff? Maybe you’re just waiting for the perfect place to come up, and you’re renting for a while? Or maybe you just want to keep your space clutter free.

The Elle Management location at Storage King Edmonton is having a customer appreciation promotion for the month of June!

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Zoom Zoom wants to thank you!

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For the month of June, the Elle Management site at Zoom Zoom Storage in Brampton will be giving away a free lock with every new move-in!    Zoom Zoom Brampton is proud to be offering this small gift as a token of appreciation for their business.

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Elle and the Tiffany love affair


We love Tiffany!

Elle has always made a commitment, not only to our customers and clients, but to our valuable staff members who work hard every day to keep our organization running smoothly.  We’re a team, a family. Not only do we work together, but we play together too!

Owner and operator, Janet Whittle-Bailie, believes in hard work, good will and great relationships. It’s important to her that the Elle family feels valued, included and important.

All the ladies at Elle wear matching Tiffany bracelets, because isn’t the work day just a little nicer with a bit of bling?