Get to know Storage King



Elle is also privileged to offer services in other parts of Canada.  Our Storage King location in Edmonton is the best self-storage facility in the area and serves a variety of storage needs including climate controlled and non-climate controlled units, self storage and business storage, mailbox rentals, moving supplies and RV and recreational vehicle storage.

Storage King is conveniently located close to all of N.W. Edmonton’s main traffic arteries including St. Albert Trail, 137 Avenue, 153 Avenue and 97 Street.

Need advice on how to store your items best? We can help! Moving supplies and tips to make your move easy and stress free? Our consultants are available to walk you through the process.

Our customers and the safe, secure storage of their prized possessions is our top priority. We like to show our customers how much they mean to us by rewarding them with great monthly giveaways!

For the month of APRIL we’re giving away a $50 VISA GIFT CARD!  Come into our office to fill out a ballot for a chance to win.




Introducing Grand Park Mississauga


Welcome to Grand Park in the heart of Mississauga.  Conveniently located close to Square One, this Elle location offers a number of storage solutions for residential and commercial clients.  Units here range from 25 square feet to 300 square feet. All ground access, with climate controlled and non-controlled units, 24/7 access and video surveillance.

Grand Park also has storage consultants available 7 days a week, providing our customers with:

  • Trained storage consultants
  • Excellent customer service
  • Catering to both Commercial & Residential Clientele
  • Courier deliveries accepted
  • Competitive rates

This fenced and gated location also offers moving and storage materials in our on-site store.

To learn more about Grand Park Self Storage, you can visit the website at

For the month of March, we’ll be giving away a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card! Come see us



Old-Meets-New at Planet Storage


Planet storage in the heart of Toronto’s Junction district is certainly one of the most diverse and unique of all the Elle facilities.

Originally the Viceroy Factory, the structure was built in 1929 as a rubber factory and manufacturing facility. It was named to the Heritage registry in 2006  as a Historical Contextual building.

Today, Planet storage is an amazing mix of preserved historic features like exposed brick and period architecture, combined with state-of-the-art self storage facilities, warehousing units, studio business suites housing artists, fashion, photography and startups, as well as the wildly successful FreshBooks. The location also offers bulk storage space, climate controlled units and seasonal storage options.

We also house 10,000 square feet of bulk storage space that has been used for everything from weddings, special and corporate events to movie and photo shoots!  Planet has had the privilege of seeing itself transformed for all manner of artistic functions and industry occasions such as the RAW Design party where the blank canvas of the space was a perfect backdrop for their RAW Materials event.

Visit us at the Planet Storage location at 1655 Dupont St. Toronto for a tour of this piece of Toronto history.



5 Weekend Projects For Spring


It’s finally almost here! Spring! Refreshing, renewing, exciting Spring! But with the new warm weather comes all those little chores you’ve been putting off, and putting on the list for the next sunny day. Don’t let it overwhelm you. And don’t tell yourself you’re going to empty your entire house, wash walls, scrub floors on hands and knees and power-wash your life away. You’re not Cinderella!!

Here are 5 quick and easy weekend projects to get you in
prime Spring shape without killing yourself.

1 – THE CLOSET PURGE– Haven’t worn it in the past year? It can go. Same for things that don’t fit so great anymore, or are starting to get shabby. Ditto for shoes that are looking a bit worn or have gone out of style. And no, DON’T keep them even though they’re soooooooo super cute and you love them sooooo much but they hurt your feet so you really just keep them and dream about wearing them and then never actually do. Just let them go. You can find a used clothing donation bin in most grocery store parking lots where they will go to someone who can really use them. Just can’t let it go? Consider getting an affordable storage unit for important keepsakes, family furniture or things that just don’t get used every day, but need to be accessible. Check out Elle’s website HERE for a list of all our locations.

2 – THE MEAN CLEAN – Just do yourself a favour, get a professional if it’s in the budget. For between $200 and $500 (depending on the size of your home) you can usually find a great professional cleaner to scrub floors, walls, bathrooms, baseboards and window sills. It’s really worth every penny. If it’s not in the budget, you can roll up your sleeves and get it done in a weekend. We recommend doing items one at a time. Floors , then baseboards and sills, windows & blinds, and a good scrub of your bathroom and kitchen surfaces. A good steam mop comes with a ton of attachments for about $100 that can do most of these chores easily. Throw all your curtains in the wash or take them to the dry cleaner along with duvet covers, pillow shams and sofa cushion covers. Drag any area rugs outside, hang them up and get out all that pent up Winter energy out by beating them silly with a broomstick. Try to avoid harsh chemicals and stick to old reliable faves like Windex, bleach, white vinegar and salt & lemon that can do the trick for just about everything in your house.

3 – SAFETY FIRST – Do a little walkthrough of your house. Are the batteries working in your smoke detectors ? They should be replaced if they are more than five years old and should incorporate a carbon monoxide detector if there is not a separate one in the house. Check all your locks and doors to make sure keys still work easily, and the seals and locks shut nice and tight. Check your windows to make sure they all close and lock properly. Don’t neglect the exterior either. Winter can cause heaving of your exterior steps, patio stones, driveways and walkways that can create trip hazards for yourself and your guests. Schedule maintenance appointments for your furnace and hot water tank, which you should be doing every year to ensure proper performance and safety, and change your furnace filter. If you have a wood burning fireplace, it’s a good idea to spring for the $100 to get someone to come and check that no critters or debris have built up in your chimney over the spring.

4 – TINY TOUCHUPS – Take a Saturday to do minor maintenance items. Trim your shrubs away from eaves and rake out any dead plant material from your garden beds. Make sure your downspouts are in the proper position to divert spring rain away from your home. Get a ladder and check the roof for any missing shingles or birds’ nests. Consider getting a backup battery for your sump pump if you have one, to avoid flooding in your basement. It is also a good idea to make sure that the area around your home at the base of all the exterior walls and in window wells is raked clear of any debris to avoid water pooling and flood risk. And finally, the one magic word that makes men ages 14-80 giggle just a little – Caulking. It is your friend. We recommend getting 3 different kinds – Exterior, Interior and Interior waterproof. Re-caulk your shower/tub and around your sinks and faucets. You might also want to consider caulking a bit around your baseboards (as long as the colour matches and it’s not obvious) and windows to keep creepy crawlies from making their way into your home through gaps. Outside, you want to check windows to ensure the calking is in good shape as well as door frames.

5 – IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU – Just have a drink. You earned it. This isn’t really a spring maintenance tip, we just think you should reward yourself for all that hard work.




The Royal Storage Makeover

royal storage

The Elle location at Royal Storage in Guelph is growing! We’re currently under construction adding FOUR new buildings to the location. We’ll let you know more about the construction and the estimated completion date as we move forward through the project

Royal Storage is Guelph’s best & newest self storage mini storage facility offering safe, secure 24hr/7day accessible storage with 35 different mini storage sizes from 4×5 to 10×30, individual unit alarms, video surveillance and secure perimeter. Royal Storage also has all your moving supplies covered – moving boxes, tape, mattress covers, wrapping paper and bubble wrap. Anything you need for your moving day or storage needs.


Learn more about our Royal Storage location at their website:

This Is Your Zoom Zoom


Zoom Zoom Storage has a new jingle!

Written by Elle Management’s owner, Janet Whittle, and performed by Elle’s very own Angelica Di Castro. Angelica is a Canadian singer who has worked on jingles for numerous different companies and corporations here, and abroad. She’s appeared on PBS, Las Vegas, The ACC and venues all over Europe in sold out shows.

Zoom Zoom’s new, upbeat and memorable melody defines what we have to offer, with a catchy tune that is sure to stick in the minds of our clients and customers.

Come into any of Zoom Zoom’s locations in Markham, Thornhill and Brampton and Enter to win a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card during the month of March




Business-Before-9 at UltraStor


The location at UltraStor, Burlington is pleased to be hosting a Chamber of Commerce Networking event on Thursday February 23, 2017 from 7:45 to 9am. We’re proud to be encouraging local companies and entrepreneurs to come together to exchange information about their services and connect with other professionals in the Burlington area. We expect 50-60 attendees.

Guests will enjoy breakfast during the event and have a chance to win one of three prizes by placing their business card in the draw.

Opened in September of 2016, This location in Alton Village is a state of the art facility, offering short & long term storage, specialty storage, residential and business storage and inside vehicle storage, as well as rentable boardroom space and client discounts & incentives.

Stay tuned for an update on the event!

For more information on UltraStor, Burlington, you can visit their site at or drop in to the location at 4585 Palladium Way, Burlington, Ontario L7M 0W9. Phone: 289-288-5069